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A lot of people need to test and tag 3-phase appliances. However, the testing process is far more complicated that it looks. Given that, it is important to hire a professional to handle this for you. That’s when Test & Tag comes into the picture. We are fully equipped and trained to handle this type of electrical work as well as other essential electrical services to various areas in Sydney.

What You Need To Know

When it comes to 3-phase testing, many want to know how to effectively do it. In some cases, an insulation test and earth continuity is enough to test the appliance’s electrical integrity. However, regulations in Australia demands for appliances to be energized to have the “on” position, it is vital to perform a current leakage test. Because of this, several single phased appliances need such a test and this applies to the 3-phase appliances.

Questions We Ask Before We Proceed With The Test

  • Do you want to have the test because you wish to comply with the AS/NZS3760:2010?
  • Is the appliance in question controlled electronically and switched using relays?
  • Should we use adaptors and an appliance tester?
  • Does the sockets and plugs have four pins or five pins?
  • Are the plugs and sockets using an amperage rating of 20A, 32A or something else?

Our 3-Phase Testing

We use a 3-phase leakage adaptor, however, we also make use of other methods for testing the current leakage. These may involve the assessment of the current present in the earth core while the equipment is operating or it could be the use of a current leakage current lamp. Both of these methods should only be carried out by qualified electricians.

An insulation and continuity meter may also be the best option for the testing of the 3-phase equipment if they decide that the Insulation and Continuity testing of their appliance is enough. It allows the insulation of each conductor to be checked separately. It also makes that testing of the polarity of the 3-phase extension leads much easier.

Why Choose Us

You might be wondering why you should choose us as your go to company for your electrical needs. We can list several reasons.

First of all we offer a wide range of services other than 3-phase testing to homeowners and businesses all throughout Sydney.

You will have a guarantee that the service will be given to you is high-quality because the people who will be working on your electrical problems are licensed and certified electricians.

You can trust Test & Tag with your electrical problems, regardless of how small or big it is. Gone are the days of ignoring the electrical safety of your business, employees and customers. Test & Tag is the company you can rely on if you encounter problems with your electrical wirings, electrical supply and other issues related to your home or building’s electrical system.

Contact us now and we will gladly answer any of your questions and book you for an appointment.

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