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Test & Tag is the leading provider of electrical related services in various areas in Sydney. Among the professional assistance is microwave oven testing.

What Is It?

Microwave ovens are appliances that have helped made our lives easier. This kitchen appliance heats food efficiently using a form of electromagnetic radiation. It produces a microwave that causes the water molecules to vibrate and develop friction, thus leading to the food being heated.

Although some of you may consider this particular appliance as extremely mundane, it is very important for it to undergo regular testing. Faulty microwaves that create radiation leakage that can harm the health of those who use the appliance. This type of radiation can heat the body tissue in the exact way it heads the food placed inside the appliance. People who are exposed extremely high levels of microwave radiation can suffer from health problems like skin burns and cataracts, to name a few.

Importance of Microwave Testing

Microwave testing is imperative particularly among businesses within the retail food industry. A defective microwave that fails to operate efficiently and seamlessly may not heat the food on the required temperature. When this happens, the food that would be served could be negatively affected and it could also put the customer’s health at risk.

Causes Of Malfunctions And Process Involved To Address It

Test & Tag will assign a reliable, professional, and highly-skilled individual or team of experts to test your microwave oven. They have tackled a lot of circumstances involving microwave oven testing and they are already adept in dealing with all kinds of issues related to it.

Most of the time, faulty or worn out door deals is the culprits behind microwave appliance leakage. This may be brought by the improper use of the microwave, food buildup or even the age of the appliance itself. Our electricians will conduct the necessary tests or assessments to determine if the microwave oven is producing harmful radiation.

They will test the microwave and make sure that it is safe to use based on the regulation referred to as the AS/NZS 3760 and AS/NZS 60335.2.25. The process is pretty simple for us professionals. It includes the use of a leakage detector specifically designed for microwave ovens. We will also use certified equipment to help us conduct our testing inspections efficiently. Our experts can also carry out an energy efficiency test to figure out if the appliance has the appropriate power output to make sure that the food is heated or cooked accordingly after the specified amount of time.

Test & Tag’s microwave oven testing is based on the AS/NZS 3760. The guideline, which is a joint Australian and New Zealand Standard, was created by Standards Australia. It outlines the method needed to conduct the test, how often it should be conducted and the process involved in the in-service safety inspection.

Test & Tag also offers other electrical services apart from microwave oven testing. Get in touch with us now and our experts will assist you with your queries regarding microwave oven testing and explain to you all the other services that we have.

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